Brian White

Botanical Industries

About this speaker

Brian has a Category 1 Researcher License for Industrial Hemp, one of a very few in this category in the state of Queensland. This license allows research into the breeding, production and marketing of Industrial Hemp and its products. Brian is currently working on exciting developments in this new industry.

July 2016 Brian was granted an Australian Innovation Patent: “Enhanced Trans-Dermal or Trans-Mucosal Delivery of High First-Pass Medications, Flavours and Sensations Using Terpene Micelle Nanosomes” This invention has great promise for the improved delivery of many kinds of medications and nutraceuticals.


ACS Speakers Panel Session

27 November 2021, 03:25 AM
John Teh Jamie Rickcord Dustin Sulak Orit Holtzman Brian White Teresa Towpik Gull Herzberg Emily Rigby Imran Khan David Bearman Tristan Hyodo Michael Balderstone Bonnie Goldstein Laurence Kemp Nathaniel Jones Carrie Newbold