Dr Carrie Newbold

Director of Clinical Operations, CANNect Group, PRM Inc Dr CARRIE NEWBOLD is a medical researcher, who has conducted and led applied medical research within a medical device field for close to 20 years, in both academic and commercial environments.

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Dr Newbold co-founded and runs a company that designs, manufactures and markets physiotherapy tools. Carrie has qualifications in medical engineering, massage therapy and Pilates. Carrie works with CANNect Group, educating doctors across Australia, and educating and supporting clinical staff and patient advocates working with eCS Clinic.

Carrie and the team at CANNect Group are also helping to bring Air by Syqe into Australia, ready to transform cannabis-delivery and provide a new and innovative form of treatment for patients in Australia.

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25 November 2021, 11:10 PM
Carrie Newbold

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