Lexi O’Dea

Observational Study Highlights: A Preview of Findings Which Demonstrate the Pain Reducing Potential of Althea Medicinal Cannabis

A Talk by Lexi O’Dea BPharm (Head of Product Development, Althea)

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Lexi O’Dea shares the extensive experience that Althea gained over 3 years through over 20,000 Australian patients working with over 12 hundred health professionals prescribing their products.

26 November 2021, 04:05 AM

04:05 AM - 04:15 AM

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Lexi O’Dea

Lexi O’Dea BPharm

Head of Product Development, Althea

Lexi graduated as a Pharmacist from Monash University in 2010. She has undertaken specialised training in compounding and pain medicine and operated a compounding pharmacy for 5 years.